Let's reinvent the book

We're making book writing social

Serially Released

Authors release drafts weekly or monthly and host live online readings with their audience on a set schedule.

Publicly Iterative

Authors write in public with a community. They release drafts, collect feedback, and iterate.

Community Based

Authors spend time with their readers at live online readings and communicate through comments and emails.

Committed to Completion

Authors commit to a release schedule. A draft with 20 chapters and weekly releases takes 5 months.

Audio Focused

Authors record audio content in an approachable way. Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing.

Monetized While Writing

Authors can sell their books directly to their audience while they write.

Supercharged for Readership Growth

Boz is building reader growth tools for authors that are similar to tools used by startups to acquire users.

Owned by Authors

Authors maintain ownership of their writing. They can pursue a book deal or self publish whenever they want.

Boz helps authors:

  • Make a plan
  • Create accountability
  • Collect feedback
  • Build a supportive fanbase
  • Charge while you write
  • Have more fun

How it works

  1. Create your community page and upload a draft of your first chapter.
  2. Decide how often you want to release and set a start date.
  3. Decide whether to charge and if so, how much.
  4. Invite your family, friends, and anyone else to join your community.
  5. Host live readings on release dates with your community, followed by some casual conversation.
  6. Share the live reading recording and written drafts with your community. Communicate through comments and emails.

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2. Check out the first Boz book

Boz co-founder, Andrew Staub, built the MVP to help himself write his first book, Growing Venmo.


Email Andrew Staub at andrew@bozdream.com